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Delhi Riots: Court Dismisses Bail Declaration Of Man Seen In Riots And Shooting


A Delhi court dismissed the release on bail of a defendant allegedly seen in rioting and shooting at public persons and police officers during the violence that took place in northeast Delhi in February this year.

The Judge of Additional Sessions Amitabh Rawat on Friday dismissed Vikram Singh’s declaration of bail, noting that allegedly he was the part of the illegal assembly that in the prosecution of the common object had committed the crime of disturbances and gunshot wounds in people public and police officers during the violence.

“In all the facts and circumstances of the case and the material available against the accused, no case of bond is established. Consequently, Vikram Singh’s present request for bail under Section 439 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) is dismissed, ”the court held.

Lawyer Ashok Kumar, who appeared on behalf of the accused, had claimed that Singh had nothing to do with the alleged crime and that the police had falsely implicated him. It was further alleged that the accused has a clean record and is the sole breadwinner for his family.

Special Prosecutor Saleem Ahmad, while opposing the bail statement presented, there is a CCTV recording of the incident, in which the defendant is seen present on the street with bricks and stones in his hands. Ahmad was yelled at and stoned at other groups.

Singh was identified by Deputy Inspector Dharambir as allegedly “actively participating” in the riots. It was further alleged that according to Section 149 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), every member of an illegal gathering is guilty of a crime committed by every member of an illegal gathering in the prosecution of a common object.

According to the police, the present case was recorded in the statement of ASI Dharamvir Singh from the Welcome Police Station, who was present in Shiv Mandir, Babarpur on February 25, 2020, when people had gathered there to protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

However, the crowd was very aggressive, bringing danda and stones and headed towards Shiv Mandir, 100 feet away from Kabir Nagar, ready for violence, the police surrendered.

He said that the illegal assembly of the first community unanimously began throwing stones and hitting dandas at the other community, which was also present at the scene, and that there was violence on the part of both, causing injuries to several people.

A charge sheet was filed in the matter against Shamshad, Shoaib, Junaid Khan, Gurmeet Singh, Gaurav, Vishal Verma, Samim, Mohd Asif, Raj Kamal, Deepak Tomar, Vikram Singh, Sheer Miyan, Vikas Gupta and Anees Ahmad.

More than 750 cases of violence were recorded in northeast Delhi, in which at least 53 people died and several more were injured. So far, more than 250 charge sheets have been filed in riot-related cases in which charges have been brought against 1,153 defendants.

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