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57 of the total 428 officer trainees test positive for Covid in Mussoorie | India News


NEW DELHI: Up to 57 or 13% of the 428 officers-in-training taking the Basic Course for Civil Service at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie have tested positive for Covid.
The basic course, which began on October 12 this year and is scheduled to end on December 18, marks the beginning of a bureaucrat’s induction training after selection for civil services, including IAS and IPS.
The department of personnel and training (DoPT) said on Saturday that the Academy is taking all measures to break the chain of spread of Covid-19 in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of the Interior and the Dehradun district administration.
“All officer trainees who tested positive have been quarantined at a dedicated Covid Care Center. Since 11/20/2020, the Academy has carried out more than 162 RT-PCR tests in coordination with the district authorities, ”said a statement from the DoPT.
In the meantime, the Academy has decided to carry out all Civil Service induction activities, including training, online until midnight December 3, 2020. Officers-in-training strictly follow protocols related to social distancing, frequent hand washing and mask use. and staff members.
Food and other necessities are being delivered to officers-in-training at their shelters by personnel who are adequately equipped with protective gear, DoPT said.
The 95th basic course had started this year under the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic and special protocols and precautions were established to minimize the risk of infection. The 428 officers-in-training were asked to come to the academy with a “ negative ” RT-PCR report and to be placed in double occupancy rooms equipped with individual kits containing N95 mask, thermometer, disinfectant, and a set of Covid-19 safety instructions. Classes for the first week were held online. Officers-in-training were asked to self-monitor daily and report any symptoms associated with Covid-19 to physicians at the campus medical center.

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