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Activist poet Varavara Rao was transferred to a private hospital from Taloja prison for 15 days


Activist poet Varavara Rao, charged in the case of links between Elgar Parishad and the Maoists, was transferred from Taloja jail in Raigad district to Mumbai Nanavati Hospital on a directive from the Bombay High Court, an official said on Thursday from jail.

Rao was transferred to the private hospital on Wednesday night, the official said.

On Wednesday, the High Court ordered authorities to transfer the 80-year-old poet from prison to Nanavati hospital for 15 days, noting that Rao was almost on his deathbed.

“He needs some treatment,” the court of SS Judges Shinde and Madhav Jamdar had said. “Can the state say that we will not treat him in Taloja? We just say transfer it to Nanavati for two weeks. We will see more after two weeks ”, they had pointed out.

They added that Rao should not be released from the hospital without informing the court and that his family should be able to meet him at the hospital.

“It goes without saying that the state will bear the cost (of his hospital stay),” the bank added.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for December 3.

Hindustan Times