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Sudarshan TV violated the code, allowed on the air with passengers: Government | India News


NEW DELHI: The Union government informed the Supreme Court on Wednesday that Sudarshan TV was found guilty of violating the program’s code for the tone, tenor and statements in the episodes of ‘Bindas Bol – UPSC Jihad’, but allowed the channel to air future episodes if it moderated the content to ensure no harm was done to the minority community.
In its sworn statement, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said: “After taking into consideration the channel’s presentations and the conclusions and recommendations of the inter-ministerial committee, the ministry believes that while freedom of expression is a fundamental right, the tone and the tenor of the episodes broadcast on television indicates that the channel, through various statements and audiovisual content, has violated the program code. ”
“The ministry finds that they are not in good taste, offensive and have the potential to promote community attitudes. The ministry, after examining all the facts and circumstances of the case and balancing the fundamental rights of the broadcaster, advises Sudarshan TV Channel Ltd Be careful in the future. It further indicates that if any violation of the program code is found in the future, stricter criminal measures will be taken, “he added. The ministry ordered the television channel to review the content of future episodes of the ‘Bindas Bo – UPSC Jihad’ program and moderate and modify the audiovisual content appropriately to ensure that there is no violation of the program’s code.
The ministry informed the CS that the channel had been directed to take into account that future episodes should not attack religions or communities or promote contempt towards religions or community attitudes. He said the episodes should not contain half-truths or defamatory statements.

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