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Sudarshan TV allowed the remaining episodes of ‘Bindas Bol’ to be broadcast but with modifications


The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has released an affidavit on Wednesday stating that Sudharshan TV’s ‘Bindas Bol – UPSC Jihad’ is against good taste and decency. It also attacks religious communities and contains defamatory, deliberate and obscene half-truths. The ministry also warned the channel that strict criminal measures would be taken against him if any violation of any program code is detected in the future. The ministry said the channel should review the content of future episodes of the ‘Bindas Bol – UPSC Jihad’ program.

The television channel has so far broadcast four episodes on September 11, 12, 13 and 14 and there are around six more episodes to be broadcast.

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Lawyer Firoz Iqbal Khan filed a petition against the show in the trailer of which Sudarshan News editor-in-chief Suresh Chavhanke said there will be a major exposure about the conspiracy to infiltrate Muslims in government service.

On September 15, the Supreme Court blocked the channel from broadcasting the remaining episodes.

On September 23, the Center had informed the Supreme Court that it had prima facie found a violation of the program code by Sudarshan TV’s ‘Bindas Bol’ and had sent a notice to the channel.

An inter-ministerial group watched all the episodes of the program and recommended that the Center send a notice of cause of the program to the channel.

In response to the main cause notice, the channel sent a 950-page justification urging the ministry to protect media freedom. He had also said that regular guests and panelists on the channel were receiving death threats.

In August, a group of students from Jamia Millia Islamia University filed a petition after which the Delhi High Court suspended broadcasting of the program. It was a pre-broadcast ban. The Supreme Court had requested the opinion of the Center and the ministry at that time gave the green light to broadcast the program.

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