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Gold Smuggling in Kerala: ED Denies Accusations of Pressure from Sivasankar to Name Political Targets


The Directorate of Enforcement has denied allegations made by the former Chief Secretary of Kerala’s Office of the Chief Minister (OCM), M Sivasankar, accused in the Kerala gold smuggling case, that the agency pressured him to name some targets politicians.

The ED made the rebuttal in an affidavit filed with a main session court in Kochi on an affidavit filed by Sivasankar, in which he had alleged that he was pressured to name some political targets of the ED’s election.

“The allegation of extortion or pressure to extract the names of certain leaders of political parties is made in bad faith and is denied as false. If he had had such allegations or apprehension while he was in custody, he would have disclosed it at the time or argument, “said the economic crime control body.

He said that these accusations are just an afterthought made intentionally to make false accusations against the investigating agency.

Sivasankar had previously presented that he was pressured to name some political targets, adding that when he refused to do so, he was presented as a defendant in the money laundering case related to the Kerala gold smuggling case and was arrested.

Previously, the ED had submitted that its investigation into the matter had clearly established M Sivasankar’s involvement in the gold smuggling and also added that the investigation also revealed that he is involved in receiving bribes in the LIFE Mission project.

M Sivasankar is in judicial custody until November 26 in connection with the case. He was arrested by the Emergency Department on October 28.

The case, which is currently being investigated by the ED, the National Investigation Agency (NIA), and the Customs Department, concerns the smuggling of gold into the state through diplomatic channels.

Hindustan Times