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Districts with a large number of buffer zones have the highest number of Covid cases: government data


Two of the income districts with the highest number and the second highest number of buffer zones in the national capital also account for the highest number and the second highest number of active Covid-19 cases, prompting experts to request a review of Delhi’s containment policies.

Figures presented at a meeting chaired by Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on Sunday showed that, as of November 15, the southwestern district, which has the highest number of containment zones in the national capital with 740 , also has the largest share of assets. cases in 6,391.

To the southwest is the southern district with 5,815 active cases and 700 containment zones. The northwestern district, which accounted for the largest proportion of active Covid-19 cases until last month, now ranks third with 5,225 active cases, records show.

Overall, Delhi has 43,774 active Covid-19 cases and 4,430 buffer zones across its 11 revenue districts, as records show on Nov. 15.

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In addition, 35.35% of all active Delhi cases, as of November 15, were reported in all 4,430 containment zones. The remainder were isolated cases reported from outside the containment areas.

In light of these figures, experts argue that Delhi’s containment policy may need to be modified to contain the increase in cases.

Districts with a large number of buffer zones have the highest number of Covid cases: government data

Dr Lalit Kant, former head of the Department of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases at the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR), said: “Delhi definitely needs to review its containment policy because the current one is clearly not working in the best way to in light of the current increase in Covid-19 cases. The transmission rate is too high now and containment efforts must be scaled up.

These figures were presented on Sunday at a meeting called by Union Interior Minister Amit Shah to discuss the increase in Covid-19 cases in Delhi, senior government officials said. The meeting was attended by the Prime Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, and Deputy Governor Anil Baijal.

At the meeting, Shah ordered the Delhi government to intensify its containment efforts. A senior official in the revenue department said a new strategy is being drafted and will be finalized within a week.

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On September 12, about 19% of the city’s total active cases came from containment zones. The turnout had risen to 33% on October 18, records show. The data was presented at two separate meetings chaired by Baijal, which HT had previously reported.

The government attributed the increase to a policy change that focuses on micro-containment zones, according to records. The policy change is reflected in the figures. For example, at the end of June, Delhi had around 300,000 people residing in 421 containment zones. On the other hand, around 160,000 people currently reside in the 4,430 containment zones, as on November 15.

The policy, senior officials said, has allowed the government to extend containment zones across the city and cover a higher proportion of active Covid-19 cases. Currently, some of the containment zones are limited to a single residence unit, equivalent to home isolation for cases where at least three members of a residence are infected, authorities said.

The government spokesman declined to comment on the matter.

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