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Congressional Leader Prithviraj Chavan Receives Notice from IT Department | India News

MUMBAI: The income tax department has delivered a notice to the former Prime Minister of Maharashtra and leader of Congress, Prithviraj Chavan.
The former Union minister himself revealed it on Wednesday and added that he will formally respond to it.
The Modi government has sent me a notice through the income tax department. I believe a similar notice was also issued to the National PNC President (Sharad) Pawar saheb, Chavan said without providing further details on the notice.
He said those notices are being sent to the leaders of the opposition parties.
I don’t know if those notices have been sent to the BJP leaders. A notice has been sent to me and I will respond to it formally, Chavan added.
The income tax department had served a notice to Pawar in September regarding the affidavits it submitted to the electoral commission.

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