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Chhattisgarh seeks approval from the Center to produce bioethanol from surplus rice


Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel met Union Minister of Oil, Natural Gas and Steel, Dharmendra Pradhan, in New Delhi on Tuesday and requested his permission to produce bioethanol from surplus rice. purchased by the state, in addition to the purchase by Food Corporation of India (FCI).

The CM also demanded an increase in the quota of kerosene oil for people who live in forest areas.

Baghel informed the Union Minister that the state government has made the necessary provisions in Chhattisgarh Industrial Policy 2019-24 to establish ethanol plants and applied for permission to produce ethanol from approximately 6 lakh metric tons of rice, according to a press release issued by the government on Tuesday.

The CM requested permission to produce bioethanol from surplus rice purchased from farmers in the state, in addition to purchases made by the FCI. The CM reported that the state government will make available to ethanol plants for production an estimated 6 thousand rupees of surplus rice fields.

“Baghel called the union minister’s attention to the requirement for more kerosene oil in forest areas and asked him to increase the quota. The Union minister ordered the officials to take immediate action in the context. The Union Minister gave guarantees to comply with the demands made by Baghel with due consideration, ”said an official.

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Earlier Tuesday, Baghel also met with Union Interior Minister Amit Shah, urging him to help create more job opportunities in the Bastar region to root out the Maoist problem from the state.

During the meeting, Baghel discussed various issues with the Union minister, such as better telecommunications facilities in the regions affected by the Maoists, the deployment of two more CRPF battalions in Bastar.

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