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Biden says he looks forward to working closely with Modi on shared global challenges, including Covid | India News


WASHINGTON: US President-elect Joe Biden has said he looks forward to working closely with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on shared global challenges, including containing Covid-19, launching the global economic recovery, and maintenance of a safe and prosperous Indo-Pacific region, depending on its transition.
This was the first interaction between the two leaders after Democrat Biden defeated incumbent Republican President Donald Trump in the November 3 US presidential election.
According to the Biden-Harris Transition, “the president-elect noted that he looks forward to working closely with the prime minister on shared global challenges, including containing Covid-19 and defending against future health crises, addressing the threat of climate change, launch the global economic recovery, strengthening democracy at home and abroad, and maintaining a safe and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. ”
Biden thanked Modi for his congratulations and “expressed his desire to strengthen and expand the strategic partnership between the United States and India along with the first vice president of South Asian descent,” said a reading of the call.
Earlier Tuesday, Modi said in a tweet that he “spoke by phone with US President-elect Joe Biden to congratulate him. We reiterate our strong commitment to the Indo-American strategic partnership and discuss our shared priorities and concerns: Covid- 19 “. pandemic, climate change and cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region “.
The prime minister also conveyed his congratulations to the vice president-elect of the United States, Kamala Harris.
“Their success is a source of great pride and inspiration for members of the vibrant Indian-American community, who are a tremendous source of strength for Indo-American relations,” Modi said.
Harris, the daughter of an Indian immigrant from Chennai, has created history by becoming the first African-American woman to be elected vice president of the country.
While politicians of Indian descent have been elected as heads of state in various parts of the world in recent decades, from Mauritius to Fiji, the 56-year-old Harris as vice president of the United States would be the most powerful politician of all time. .
The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), in a statement Tuesday, said Modi congratulated Biden on his election and described it as a testament to the strength and resilience of democratic traditions in the United States.
The prime minister warmly recalled his previous interactions with Biden, including during his official visits to the United States in 2014 and 2016, he said.
Biden has been known to be a staunch advocate of closer ties between India and the US from his days as a senator in the 1970s and played a key role in gaining Senate approval for the bilateral civil nuclear deal in 2008.
Amid hectic negotiations between the two countries to conclude the civil nuclear deal, Biden was a key ally of India in the Senate.
The agreement had laid a solid foundation for deepening ties between the world’s two leading democracies.
The defense and strategic ties between India and the United States witnessed a great expansion during the presidency of Barack Obama and Biden, as vice president, had played a key role in this.
In his campaign documents, Biden spoke about his vision for the US-India partnership, as well as his position with India in addressing threats in the region.
Biden also had separate congratulatory calls with leaders in Chile, Israel and South Africa.

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