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Australia coach Justin Langer reveals how Sir Don Bradman helped him overcome weakness against middle pacemakers – cricket


Justin Langer might be in the limelight these days for being the head coach of Australia’s men’s cricket team, but long before taking on that role, he was one of Australia’s top test starters, who continued to churn out some performances. memorable for the Baggy Greens during their years. of domination in the 1990s and early 2000s.

But Langer was having trouble dealing with mid-paced bowlers and the former starter revealed how he sought the help of the greatest hitter of all time, Sir Donald Bradman, to overcome this weakness.

“As I am predominantly a backstroke player, I wonder if you have any ideas on how to play medium pace bowling,” Langer wrote in his letter as reported by cricket.com.au.

In his response, Bradman wrote: “” You flatter me by suggesting that an old octogenarian like me can help you with your cricket.

He went on to mention that throughout his playing career he had stayed away from smoking and drinking.

“I took no action … other than living a normal and sensible career of not smoking and not drinking,” the letter read.

“You especially mention the mid-range ones and the little problem you have with them. Against them, I always started to move just before delivery going slightly backwards and crossing. In fact, the main base of my hitting was the back game because I think this gives the batter more flexibility on many shots and take the initiative than the forward player who gets stuck in a forest, “said Bradman while responding to Langer.

“In addition to giving me valuable technical advice, Sir Donald told me that he always played for fun because he loved cricket. Your letter to me is a precious memory on the wall of my study. I see it every day when I’m home, ”Langer quoted cricket.com.au.

Langer finished his career with 7,696 runs in the game’s longest format at 23 centuries and 30 half centuries.

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