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With relaxed bidding conditions, bags of Indian firms bid for a mega bridge over Ganges in Bihar, helping the government save Rs 600 cr | India News


NEW DELHI: Flexibilities in bidding conditions for Bihar’s Ganges River mega bridge project, New Mahatma Gandhi Setu, have helped the government save Rs 611 million, 25% less than the estimated cost of the project. The offer for the “extradosed bridge”, which will be the second in the country, has been bagged by an Indian player.
“If the terms of the offer were not changed so that independent Indian players were eligible, we would not have gotten a good response. We had invited tenders earlier this year with the above conditions and had received seven offers. Four of these bidders had Chinese partners and in one of these tenders a Chinese player was the lead partner. The rules were modified and new offers were invited in June, ”said an official from the Ministry of Road Transport. He said that Chinese, South Korean and Japanese players have more experience in building such bridges.
An extradosed bridge is a hybrid of a girder bridge and a cable-stayed bridge.
Officials previously said that companies must have seven years of experience running similar structures and the required net financial value in the past five years to qualify for the project. “We combined these and established that the bidders should have a combined 12 years experience rather than segregating them. So more Indian companies qualified for the job and we got better offers, ”officials said.
Against the estimated cost of Rs 2,411 crore, the Ministry of Road Transport tendered this 4-lane bridge at Rs 1,794 crore.
IK Pandey, director general of (highway wing) in the ministry of road transport and highways, said that a number of flexibilities have been introduced in the bidding conditions for highway projects to allow more Indian actors to qualify for projects without entering in joint ventures with foreign actors. . “These initiatives have been taken within the framework of the government’s ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ program. This will also help us create more competent national road builders and structures, ”he said.
Recently, the Minister of Roads, Nitin Gadkari, also spoke about how the government saved almost 4 billion rupees by modifying the Zojila tunnel project in Jammu and Kashmir.

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