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Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi Should Explain Congressional Position On Gupkar Declaration, Says Amit Shah | India News


NEW DELHI: Stating that Jammu and Kashmir have been, are and always will be an integral part of India, Interior Minister Amit Shah said Tuesday that Congress and the Gupkar Gang want to bring Jammu and Kashmir into the age of terror and confusion. Shah cited comments from Gupkar alliance leaders to seek international help to restore Article 370 and sought a response from Congressional leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi to explain whether they supported them.
The BJP has been targeting Congress in its attempt to corner the opposition party since the latter decided to join the Gupkar alliance to challenge local body elections in Jammu and Kashmir.
“The Gupkar gang is going global. They want foreign forces to intervene in Jammu and Kashmir. The Gupkar gang also insults the tricolor of India. Do Sonia Ji and Rahul Ji support such Gupkar gang movements? India, “Shah said in a series of tweets.
He said that the Indian people will no longer tolerate an unholy ‘global gathbandhan’ against our national interest. “Either the Gupkar Gang swims with the national mood or the people will bring it down,” Shah said.
The Home Secretary has been actively involved in the affairs of the Union Territory and has been a strong advocate of the conduct of local body elections. The Modi government has taken various steps to empower local bodies, as even funds are being transferred directly to panchayat chiefs and municipal bodies.
Shah alleged that Congress and the Gupkar Gang want to bring Jammu and Kashmir into the age of terror and confusion.
“They want to take away the rights of Dalits, women and tribes that we have secured by removing Article 370. That is why they are being rejected by people everywhere,” he said.
Justice Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad had on Monday given a detailed description of how the measures taken after the repeal of Article 370 are empowering all sectors of society in the Union Territory. Since several laws, such as the law against divorce and child marriage, were not applicable in Jammu and Kashmir when section 370 went into effect, Prasad had asked Congress to explain whether it wants the benefits of the laws to be denied. people of the state.

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