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Secretary Rank Officer in Delhi Under the Lens of CBI for Land Grabbing | India News


NEW DELHI: The IWC has recorded three separate cases of alleged land grabbing at J&K in collusion with government officials, in which an officer with the rank of secretary at the Center is also under scan, officials said Monday.
The cases were previously investigated by the State Surveillance Organization and the CBI has taken over the investigation on the orders of J&K HC, they said.
The cases are related to an alleged land grab in Jammu and Samba districts, they said.
“… officials / officials of the Jammu District Revenue Department had awarded improper benefits to illegal occupants of state land by intentionally ignoring the established provisions of the Roshni Act and the rules, thereby granting land property rights state to selective people who do not deserve it and thus inflicted huge monetary losses on the state treasury, ”said CBI spokesman RK Gaur.
It is alleged that land grabbing by undeserving elements defeated the purpose of the Jammu and Kashmir State Lands Act (Granting of Property Rights to Occupants) 2001, which is aimed at generating revenue for construction works. developing.

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