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Not interested in debating with someone who is not connected to the issue of power: Goa minister on AAP challenge


After the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA Raghav Chadha challenged Goa’s Energy Minister Nilesh Cabral to a debate on the electric models of both states on Monday, Cabral said he is ready to debate with “like-minded people. “, but not with” one “. which is not connected ”to the problem.

“I have no problem debating with like-minded people who understand the energy problems of Delhi and Goa. I do not seek to debate with someone who is not connected to him. The Delhi Energy Minister is welcome to the debate. I have not challenged anyone, ”said Cabral.

Earlier today, Chadha said that he is ready to have a discussion with Cabral about the electric model of Delhi compared to that of Goa, but the high command of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is not giving permission.

“I informed the Goa Minister of Energy that I will discuss with him the issue of the Kejriwal electric model versus the BJP Goa electric model and I will arrive in Goa at 2pm on November 17th. But now it seems that it is escaping the debate. Chadha said.

“The BJP high command is not giving Goa Energy Minister Cabral permission for debate, which was originally his idea. Now I urge the high command of the BJP, as well as Mr. Cabral, to easily accept this challenge and let me know the place and time of this debate, “he added.

Previously, there was a war of words on social media between the chief ministers of Delhi and Goa from 11 to 12 November, and Arvind Kejriwal accused his Goan counterpart of ignoring local voices under the “diktat of the Center”, in exchange for being accused by Dr. Pramod Sawant of doing “divisive politics.”

The dispute began on Twitter last Wednesday after Delhi’s Chief Minister responded to a news portal tweet quoting Sawant, a member of the BJP, as saying that “Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal should first sort out the pollution problems in your area before you worry about Goa. “

There has been an ongoing dispute in Goa between the ruling BJP and Kejriwal’s AAP over environmental issues, especially the railway “double track project” within the protected forest areas.

Hindustan Times