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Mehbooba hits back at Amit Shah for his comments on ‘Gupkar Gang’ | India News

SRINAGAR: Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and PDP Chairman Mehbooba Mufti responded to Union Interior Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday for his comments on the ‘Gupkar Gang’, saying such comments were intended to divert people’s attention from rising unemployment and inflation.
Mehbooba said that “the old BJP tactic of dividing India by projecting itself as saviors and political opponents as internal and imaginary enemies is now too predictable.”
“He loves jihad, tukde tukde and now the Gupkar Gang dominates the political discourse instead of (issues) like rising unemployment and inflation,” he said.

The head of the PDP also wondered if now fighting the elections in an alliance is also anti-national. “The BJP can unite so many alliances in its hunger for power, but somehow we are undermining the national interest by raising a united front,” he said.
“Old habits are hard to die. The previous BJP narrative was that the tukde tukde gang threatened the sovereignty of India and now they are using the euphemism ‘Gupkar Gang’ to project us as anti-nationals. The irony died a million deaths because it is the BJP himself the one who violates the constitution day inside and outside, “he tweeted.
She was reacting to a series of tweets from Shah calling the alliance of political parties in Jammu and Kashmir as ‘Gupkar Gang’.
Shah also called it an “unholy global gathbandhan” against the country’s national interests and questioned Congress leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi if they support the People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), formed to demand the restoration of the Article. 370, discarded last year. .

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