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I can understand the frustration: Omar Abdullah on Amit Shah’s statements about the ‘Gupkar Gang’ | India News


SRINAGAR: Former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah, reacted harshly on Tuesday to comments by Interior Minister Amit Shah, who called the People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration a “gang”, saying that the Frustration stems from the political amalgam that decided to contest the upcoming local body elections and not give the BJP and its allies a free run.
In reaction to a series of tweets from Shah, Omar, who is also vice president of the National Conference, said: “We are not an Amit Shah Ji gang, we are a legitimate political alliance who have fought and continue to fight in the elections, much to his disappointment. .. ”
Doing a veiled dig at the newly formed Apni Party of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar said: “I can understand the frustration behind this attack from the Honorable Minister of the Interior. He was informed that the People’s Alliance was preparing to boycott the elections. We allow it to BJP and the newly formed King’s Party went free at J&K. We didn’t do them the favor. ”

He said that only the leaders of Jammu and Kashmir can be detained and called anti-nationals for participating in the elections and supporting the democratic process.
“The truth is that all those who oppose the BJP ideology are labeled ‘corrupt and anti-national’,” he tweeted.
Shah had previously called the alliance of political parties in Jammu and Kashmir the ‘Gupkar Gang’, saying it is an “ungodly global gathbandhan” against the country’s national interests.
In a series of tweets, Shah also questioned congressional leaders Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi whether they support the Popular Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), formed to demand the restoration of Article 370, scrapped last year.
“Jammu and Kashmir has been, is, and always will be an integral part of India. The Indian people will no longer tolerate an ungodly ‘global gathbandhan’ against our national interest. Either the Gupkar Gang swims with the national mood or the people sink it, “he said.
Shah said that Congress and the ‘Gupkar Gang’ want to bring Jammu and Kashmir into the age of terror and unrest and that they “want to take away the rights of Dalits, women and tribes that we have secured by removing Article 370. For that are being rejected by people everywhere. ”
“The Gupkar Gang is going global! They want foreign forces to intervene in Jammu and Kashmir. The Gupkar Gang also insults the Tricolor of India. Do Sonia Ji and Rahul Ji support such movements of the Gupkar Gang? They should leave their stance crystal clear to the people of India, “he said.

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