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After RJD Leader Rahul Gandhi Mocks Sushil Modi, List ‘Reasons’ For Overthrow


Two days after attacking the leadership of Congress for their poor effort and demonstration in the recently concluded Bihar state assembly polls, RJD Vice President Shivanand Tiwary mocked BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi, while providing reasons why he did not get the post of chief deputy minister.

Tiwary said: “The role of Sushil Modi had become less of BJP and more associated with Nitish Kumar. I think that’s why BJP cut it this time. He was not allowing other BJP leaders to come up. He used to talk about all the issues every day and couldn’t live without appearing in newspapers / television, ”said the RJD leader, who represented Rajya Sabha on the JD (U) ticket but later defected to RJD.

Sushil Modi was removed from the NDA cabinet led by Nitish Kumar, who was sworn in on Tuesday and his place as senior deputy minister was filled by Tarkishore Prasad, a four-time member of Katihar’s board of directors.

Tiwary, however, was quick to clarify that “Modi is like a younger brother and he doesn’t have any animosity towards the BJP leader. However, in my opinion, Sushil Kumar Modi’s personality used to reflect a lack of depth and this is the reason why the BJP leadership did not award him a state cabinet position this time, ”Tiwary said.

After the swearing-in ceremony, Prime Minister Nitish Kumar tried to stay away from speculation surrounding his former MP, saying: “This is the BJP’s decision. You should put your questions to the BJP leadership. ”

The NDA secured a 243-member majority in the Bihar Assembly elections by winning 125 seats, of which the BJP won 74 and the JD (U) won 43 seats.

Tiwary, considered an outspoken leader, had criticized Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday, accusing him of spending free time at the home of his sister and Congress Secretary-General Priyanka Gandhi Vadra in Shimla amid state polls. and for doing only eight rallies during all three. week-long electoral campaign for the three-phase elections, which concluded on 7 November.

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Congress won just 19 of the 70 seats it contested, prompting whispers within the RJD-led grand alliance (GA) that the coalition lost to the ruling NDA by a narrow margin due to the low strike rate of the great game.

“Rahul Gandhi is much younger than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But Modi made more demonstrations than Gandhi. Congress held up to 70 seats in shared seats, but did not hold even 70 demonstrations. The party’s effort at the polls fell short of the number of seats it contested in Bihar this time. Gandhi was having a picnic at his sister’s home in Shimla when the elections were underway. Is this how a party is organized? The non-serious approach of Congress in leading the party only leads to accusations that the national party is only helping the BJP, ”he said.

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This had created quite a stir in Mahagathbandhan with RJD leader and Rajya Sabha MP Manoj Kumar Jha, calling Tiwari’s comments “personal”.

National Congress Secretary General Tariq Anwar, who had called for “deep insight” after the party’s dismal performance in the Bihar elections, defended Rahul Gandhi. “First of all, Shivanand Tiwari is not an authorized RJD spokesperson. Also, you must realize that Congress is a national party while RJD is a regional entity. The leader of a national party cannot be expected to dedicate time to a state election as a regional leader would, ”he had said in defense.

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