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Winter is here: Delhi records the lowest maximum temperature of the season


The national capital registered a maximum temperature of 25.8 degrees Celsius on Monday, the lowest of this season so far, after rains under the influence of a western unrest. However, the minimum temperature rose to 16 degrees Celsius, the highest since October 22, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).

However, IMD has warned that by the weekend, the minimum temperature will drop to 9 degrees Celsius.

On Monday, the maximum temperature recorded at the Safdarjung observatory, which is the representative data for the city, was 25.8 degrees Celsius, two degrees below the normal for the season.

Kuldeep Srivastava, head of IMD’s regional weather forecast center, said the rise in minimum temperature was due to the presence of clouds in the region under the influence of a western disturbance.

“So far, Delhi has seen a trend of low lows this month due to the absence of cloud cover. But due to the western disturbance, the cloud cover over Delhi-NCR has increased. Clouds trap some of the outgoing infrared radiation and radiate it downward, heating the ground, ”said Srivastava.

Srivastava, however, warned that by November 21, the minimum temperature is expected to drop to around 9 degrees Celsius.

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He explained that widespread snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, the upper reaches of Uttarakhand will cause a minimum temperature drop of around 2 to 4 degrees over northwestern India starting Tuesday.

“There was snowfall in many places in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Rain and showers occurred in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh and in some places in northern Rajasthan. Today (Monday) the winds are from the east but will change to the northwest starting tomorrow (Tuesday). So cold winds will blow from the western Himalayas, where the snow just fell. We expect the minimum temperature to fall below 10 degrees C in the coming days, “he added.

IMD data shows that, except for Monday, November lows have been around 2-3 degrees below normal for the season. October of this year was the coldest in 58 years in the national capital, according to IMD data.

The average low temperature in October this year was 17.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest since 1962, when it was 16.9 degrees Celsius, the IMD said. Normally, Delhi records an average low temperature of 19.1 degrees Celsius in October.

Another IMD scientist said that since September, Delhi did not have a western disturbance until Sunday, which kept the sky clear. If the sky is clear, heat emitted from the earth’s surface freely escapes into space, resulting in colder temperatures.

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