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The center forms teams to verify treatment and testing of Covid-19 patients in private hospitals in Delhi


The Ministry of the Interior set up 10 multidisciplinary teams on Monday to visit all private hospitals in Delhi to verify the status of compliance with the various instructions issued by the Union Ministry of Health to perform tests and treat patients with Covid-19 and the Delhi government to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In an order issued Monday night, MHA has ordered all 10 teams to begin their visit immediately. In addition, teams were ordered to submit their reports, along with specific details, to the Ministry of Health and the MHA within two days of the order being issued.

Multidisciplinary teams, on a designated task list, will need to inform MHA if private hospitals have ICU wards and beds in accordance with orders issued by the Delhi government, and if the same is displayed on the government’s Corona dashboard from Delhi. in real time.

The teams will also analyze whether these private hospitals are following the Covid-19 discharge policy as indicated by the Center.

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