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Speculation abounds about the continuation of two ministers in Shivraj’s cabinet after losing the elections | India News


BHOPAL: Even when three cabinet ministers of Shivraj Singh Chouhan lost their seats during the recently concluded by-elections in the state, two of them, Imarti Devi and Giriraj Dandotiya, are managing to keep their ministerial post on their finger for now. .
The sources revealed that the ministers should have resigned on moral grounds immediately after losing the elections, they appear to be awaiting the party’s decision on their new positions on a board or a corporation.
Imarti Devi, who is the minister for women’s and children’s welfare, suffered a humiliating defeat at the Dabra assembly headquarters in Gwalior despite being the most talked about candidate for the BJP. He lost the vote to his rival in Congress, Suresh Raje, by a margin of 7,971 votes, although he had won a victory by a margin of more than 60,000 votes.
Similarly, the Minister of State (MoS) for Farmer Welfare and Agricultural Development Giriraj Dandotiya lost the Dimni assembly seat in Morena district to his rival in Congress, Ravindra Singh Tomar, by a Huge margin of 19,712 votes. When contacted, Imarti Devi did not respond to calls, however Dandotia said he will resign from the cabinet soon.
“We still have to overcome the defeat. My resignation is inevitable. Which party will say that we will continue the same,” Dandotiya told TOI by phone.
One of the three ministers, Adal Singh Kansana, who held the department of public health engineering (PHE) had resigned a day after the results of the poll saying: “If the public had wanted us to continue as minister, we would have won. But I lost the elections and the next day he decided to resign from office for moral reasons. ”
Constitutional experts noted that ministers could remain in office for six months after being sworn in. “Any ordinary person who takes the oath of office as minister can remain in office for up to six months. If he had won the assembly elections, he could continue in office. In this case, after six months, his appointment will be canceled suo moto “said the former main secretary of the assembly, Bhagwandas Israni, adding:” However, the ministers should have resigned on moral grounds immediately after their defeat. ”
The three ministers in question had been sworn into Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s cabinet on July 2, during the team’s second rejig. They could remain in their position for six months, ending on January 1, 2021.
BJP sources revealed that there is growing pressure on state leaders to seat the three leaders on any board or corporation and grant them cabinet minister status as well. However, a decision in this regard is likely to be made only after approval from the central leadership. BJP said that the whole matter is under the prerogative of the prime minister.
“This is the prime minister’s prerogative who to appoint and who to leave. Technically, ministers can stay in office for six months,” said BJP state spokesman Rajneesh Agrawal.
Congress has questioned the continuation of two ministers in office on moral grounds. “At first, it was unethical for ministers to fight the by-elections without being an MLA. Then it is a political shame to remain in office after losing the electoral battle. The BJP should think about this ethically,” said the state spokesman. of Congress, KK. Mishra.

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