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In Wildlife Week, India Cancels Notification of 1,000 Square Kilometers of Its “Protected Areas” | India News


NEW DELHI: In ironic development, the National Board for Wildlife (NBWL), the lead body that approves projects with the legal sanctity of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in mind, during ‘wildlife week ‘last month, it recommended removing the notice and diverting more than 1,000 square kilometers of “protected areas” and permitted activities that could easily be located outside such green zones.
The ‘Week of the Wild Life’ is celebrated every year between the 2 and the 8 of October to promote the efforts of conservation of the flora and fauna of the country.
The board’s decision on removing notification and diversion within ‘protected areas’, taken at its standing committee meeting on October 5, involved the Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary in Uttar Pradesh National Park Mukundra in Rajasthan and the Bahu Conservation Reserve in Jammu district. An analysis by the New Delhi-based think tank’s Legal Initiative for Forests and Environment showed that the measure was one of the largest notification of “protected areas” in the country in recent times.
“Not notified” areas cannot be protected with legal dos and don’ts like “notified” areas and are therefore vulnerable to wildlife.
The board, in order to rationalize the boundaries of the Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary, approved the exclusion of almost 47% of its area (978 square kilometers) from its originally reported area of ​​2,073 square kilometers.

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