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G-23 denies writing another letter after the debacle in Bihar | India News

NEW DELHI: Bihar’s setback has sparked speculation of another letter from congressional dissidents to leaders seeking introspection, the rumor so strong that the ‘G23’ officially denied having sent another letter to Sonia Gandhi.
The main leader of Congress and head of the dissident group Ghulam Nabi Azad said YOU, “There has been no group meeting in the recent past and no letter to the leaders has been considered. No letter has been sent. ”
The categorical comment sought to curb speculation that has swirled since the Bihar results showed that Congress performed below average and dragged down the opposition alliance led by RJD. Serious questions have been raised about the way Rahul Gandhi’s close confidants conducted the election management, and some Bihar congressmen even made public comments about “internal sabotage.”
A letter sent in August by the 23-leader bloc sparked much controversy by criticizing “absent leadership” in the party and demanding visible and effective leadership as well as introspection on direction and strategic options. The result was a stormy meeting of the CWC in which the party closed ranks to criticize the letter writers while the process for the election of a new party president was launched, which was a key demand of the dissident group.
Rahul is believed to be able to contest the ballot box to regain the reins of the party, and dissidents will have the option of challenging him in internal elections.
After Bihar, G23 members are again uneasy, with at least three unofficially saying that the results had justified the previous letter. However, they said that writing another may not be the answer, although it is not ruled out.
A senior leader said the party will have to do “introspection” for a change of course to take place.

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