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Former Bangalore Mayor Arrested In Riot Case After 3 Months


Congressional leader and former Bengaluru mayor Sampath Raj, who was at large in a case related to communal unrest in which he was named as a key defendant, was finally arrested on Monday by police from the City’s Crime Division.

“We finally managed to arrest him by following the clues given by his assistant Riyazuddin. We will give details on Tuesday at a press conference, ”said a senior CCB official.

On August 11, a mob enraged by an alleged insult to the prophet had set fire to more than 60 vehicles, as well as the DJ Halli and KG Halli police stations, as well as the legislator of the House of Congress, Akhanda Srinivasa Murthy.

In the subsequent police shooting, three people died. More than 377 people were arrested for the violence and a preliminary indictment sheet filed by police in the case said rivalry within the party within Congress was one of the key reasons for the unrest. Both Sampath Raj and Abdul Zakir, another Congressional corporate, were named among the key defendants on the charge sheet.

However, Raj, who had claimed to be under treatment for Covid-19 at Baptist Hospital, fled the facility when police came to arrest him.

On Monday afternoon, Riyazuddin, a key Raj aide, had been arrested for aiding and inciting his escape and subsequent flight.

On November 13, the Karnataka High Court had issued an arrest warrant without bail for Sampath Raj. Interior Minister Basavaraj Bommai had asked the high-ranking congressman to surrender or for the law to take its course.

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