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While his destiny is in balance, LJP claims he proved his worth in Bihar | India News


NEW DELHI: With questions about the Lok Janshakti Party’s prospects after it won just one seat in the Bihar assembly elections, party sources on Sunday cited its “influence” on the “turnaround” of results in more than 40 seats. to affirm that it will continue to have a key presence in state politics.
The LJP played a decisive role in the defeat of the JD (U) led by Nitish Kumar in at least 36 seats, which is evident from their participation in the votes, and the BJP also would have been greatly affected if the regional party had done as much as possible against him similarly, the sources claimed.
The LJP could have won just one seat, but it has underscored its presence by getting 5.7 percent of the vote, party sources said.
They noted that the party ran candidates in just six seats where the BJP was in the fray while it was contesting almost every one of the 115 seats where the JD (U) competed in the 243-seat ballot box of the Bihar assembly.
With the JD (U) hit hard by the LJP in the elections, likely to oppose the party-friendly vibes from its ally BJP, sources from the Chirag Paswan-led party claimed that it was only offered 15 seats to compete at the polls, leaving you with no choice but to fight on your own.
So far, there has been no official news from either the BJP or the LJP on the number of seats that were offered.
LJP sources said his party could not have accepted just 15 seats after having six Lok Sabha MPs and a Rajya Sabha member in Ram Vilas Paswan, whose death has required a by-election for the seat.
“We had the option of going into the opposition or fighting on our own with a focus on the seats disputed by the JD (U), as their reluctance was the main reason the LJP was offered so few seats,” said an LJP leader. he said, adding that his decision was driven by a desire to cause minimal harm to the BJP.
The NDA overcame a close contest with the RJD-Left-Congress alliance by winning 125 seats to 110 for the opposition.
The JD (U) suffered heavy losses as its tally fell to 43 from 71 in the 2015 polls. The LJP, which had two seats in the outgoing assembly, won just one seat while the BJP was victorious at 74.
Chirag Paswan has insisted that his party could have left the NDA in Bihar, but remains a member of the ruling alliance in the Center.
It remains to be seen what form the LJP’s relations with the BJP take in the Center, as the party’s political presence is limited to Bihar, where JD (U) leaders have expressed their opposition to any ties to Chirag’s party. Paswan.
In his campaign, Paswan was highly critical of Nitish Kumar and praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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