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Modi Hints at Bold Action by Pangong That Led India to the Lead | India News


NEW DELHI: In recognition of Indian troops who claimed the heights on the southern shore of Pangong Lake in late August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi indicated that the move gave the country crucial bargaining leverage in the confrontation with China.
Although the prime minister did not name China, his reference in his Diwali day address to the maneuvers carried out by the Indian army on August 29-30 was clear even when he said that all measures will be taken to secure the borders.
In what can also be seen as a rejection of China’s insistence to halt the improvement of border infrastructure and halt patrols at points in LAC where it has unilaterally declared its own territory, Modi said that no power can prevent our “brave jaws protect our borders. ” ”.
In his Longewala Post speech in Rajasthan on Diwali on Saturday, he said that India will give a fierce response if provoked. “The world today knows that we will not compromise our interests,” Modi said. At a time when Pakistan had increased ceasefire violations, reminding India of the “collusive” threat from Pakistan and China, the prime minister did not spare the western neighbor, saying that sponsors of terror have been attacked in their homes.
India has shown the world that it has the skill and political will to respond adequately to security challenges. “Our military might today has strengthened our negotiating hand several times. Our hand is stronger because of the sacrifices (of the Indian military) and because of their willpower, ”he said.
Modi’s comments made it clear that India was not in the mood to pull its troops off strategic heights until it was satisfied that the generous offer from the Chinese to go as far back as Finger 8 was not a tactic to calm India on complacency.
Modi did not name China, but little doubt remained about who he was targeting when he attacked expansionist forces, the description he used when addressing troops in Nemo after the Galwan clash. “The whole world is worried suffering from expansionism. Expansionism is a perversion of the mind and reflects 18th century thinking. India has become a bold voice against this (expansionist) thinking, ”he said.
The prime minister who was at Longewal post, site of the famous tank battle in 1971, when Indian soldiers led by Major Kuldip Singh Chandpuri defeated Pakistan, outnumbered, said the victory was significant. “Pakistan was defeated at the Battle of Longowal. They had tried to divert attention from the genocidal attack on the people of Bangladesh. Their malicious intent was reduced to dust, ”he said.

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