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India Summons Pak Envoy for J&K Ceasefire Violations | India News


NEW DELHI: India convened the Pakistan Charge d’Affaires high commission on Saturday and made a strong protest of unprovoked violations of the ceasefire by Pakistani forces that resulted in the deaths of four innocent civilians, saying it is very regrettable that Pakistan has chosen a festive occasion in India to disrupt the peace and perpetrate violence in J&K through coordinated shooting throughout the LoC.
In a statement, the Foreign Ministry said that India condemns, in the strongest terms, the deliberate attacks against innocent civilians by Pakistani forces. The statement said that the Charge d’Affaires of Pakistan’s high commission was summoned and a strong protest was filed against the unprovoked violations of the ceasefire by Pakistani forces, in multiple sectors throughout the LoC at J&K el November 13, resulting in the deaths of four innocent civilians and serious injuries to another 19 people. India also vigorously protested Pakistan’s continued support for cross-border terrorist infiltration into India, including through support for cover fire provided by Pakistani forces.
Pakistan was once again reminded of its bilateral commitment not to allow any territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India in any way, the statement said. Pakistan initiated an unprovoked violation of the ceasefire across the multi-sector LoC.

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