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Bihar has set a model for the Bengal and Assam elections, says CPI-ML chief


CPI-ML (Liberation) National Secretary General Dipankar Bhattarcharya said on Sunday that the huge support won by the grand alliance comprising the RJD, Congress and the three left-wing parties has laid the groundwork for the upcoming elections in Bengal. Occidental, Assam and other states where the ballot box would be fought on people’s agenda such as unemployment, migration, the agrarian crisis, and opposition to labor law reforms.

Bhattacharya, while addressing a press conference on Sunday, said the AG would continue to raise the issues of the people inside and outside the state assembly to register their opposition to the NDA government led by BJP-JD (U) and emphasized that incorrect propaganda was being spread. by the BJP that there was resentment against Prime Minister Nitish Kumar, who was facing an anti-incumbent.

“The BJP has had the same power in the government of the NDA for more than a decade and the people have also put the BJP in the dock. If the employment issue was an electoral agenda, the privatization of the railways was also an electoral issue, ”he said.

To back up his point, Bhattarcharya said the 2020 survey results should not be compared to 2015 and instead compared to 2010 results when the NDA won a large majority in Bihar despite the UPA being in power in the center and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah were not present in national politics.

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“This time, the NDA has managed to form a government with a slim majority. It is clear, there is a general resentment against the JD (U) and the BJP among the people, ”he said. Bhattacharya, whose party won 12 seats in the recently concluded elections, said the people of Bihar had shown their resistance against the BJP’s conspiracy for unopposed democracy by strongly supporting the GA.

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“On November 26, the CPI-ML would extend its support to the joint call of unions across the country to a strike against reform in labor law,” he said.

In addition, CPI-ML Secretary of State Kunal and main leader Kavita Krishnan also said that the party would fulfill its responsibility as a strong opposition in the state assembly and outside of it in the coming days and raise employment problems, migration and poverty in the state. Krishnan also said that the theory spread by the NDA that women voters overwhelmingly supported the NDA in this state’s polls was false propaganda.

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