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Baghjan well destroyed successfully, fire completely put out: Oil India Limited


Energy company Oil India Limited (OIL) announced on Sunday that the blowout at the Baghjan gas well in Assam has been successfully removed after months of fighting. The natural gas liquids company said in a statement that the fire was completely extinguished and the well was destroyed with salt solution.

The fire had continued unabated for weeks at the gas well located in the Tinsukia district of eastern Assam before it was tamed by the company with the help of foreign experts. OIL tweeted that the situation is under control, adding that there is currently no pressure in the well and the same will be observed for the next 24 hours. The company further stated that the operation to abandon the well is ongoing. ‘

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Dr. P Chandrasekaran, Director (Exploration and Development), PK Goswami, Director (Operations) and Shri DK Das, Chief Executive Officer, visited the Baghjan well site and had a detailed discussion with the experts from the Alert & OIL team . The confirmation comes two days after the company revealed that it had discovered 1 (one) hydrocarbon in the Dinjan-1 well at Tinsukia Petroleum Mining Lease (PML) in the upper Assam basin.

“This discovery will open new areas for further oil and gas exploration in Assam and help improve gas production with future assessment and development activities,” OIL said in a statement on November 13.

A National Green Court (NGT) panel had previously concluded that the company was operating the natural gas well without the required permits, recommending legal action against OIL and its officials.

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