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The number of active cases in India has dropped to 4.80,719: Ministry of Health | India News


NEW DELHI: The number of active Covid-19 cases in India has dropped to 4.80,719, recording a four-day streak of less than five lakh of active cases, the Health Ministry said on Saturday. In a statement, the ministry said the share of active cases in total positive cases has further decreased to 5.48 percent.
“New cases continue their downward slope, indicating the adoption of appropriate Covid behavior among the population and effective containment measures by state / UT governments following Union government guidelines. New cases newspapers on average show a downward trend over the past five weeks, “the statement said.
The accumulated national figure is 93.05%. The total number of recovered cases amounts to 81,63,572, and the gap between recovered cases and active cases, which is constantly increasing, is currently 76,82,853, the Health Ministry said.
“With 6,498 people recovering from Covid-19, Delhi saw the highest number of recoveries in the past 24 hours. Kerala recorded 6,201 daily recoveries, while Maharashtra saw 4,543 new recoveries,” it said.
The ministry further said that ten states / UT have contributed 76.38 percent of the new cases.
“Delhi reported 7,802 cases in the last 24 hours, beating the new recruitment count. Kerala recorded 5,804 new cases, while Maharashtra ranked third with 4,132 new cases yesterday,” the Health Ministry said.
The total number of cases of coronavirus amounted to 87,73,479 and the death toll rose to 1,29,188 and the virus claimed 520 lives in a span of 24 hours in the country, the updated data showed at 8 a.m.

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