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Prime Minister Modi uses Arjun’s ‘aatmanirbhar’ firepower to send a message to Pakistan and China


Prime Minister Narendra Modi rode an Arjun tank on Saturday while spending his Diwali at the Longewala Post on the western border. The voice message to the locals is loud and clear as the Arjun is the first battle tank indigenously developed by the Indian Army.

The Indian Army will raise two more Arjun MK1A (Mark 1 Alpha) regiments, which will have 72 upgrades over the Mark 1 tank, of which 14 are major upgrades and 58 are minor.

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The new regiments will be installed in the next six months. “Progress is being made in accepting the need for the acquisition of 118 Arjun MBT Mk1A. We expect the bleeding in another three or four months, ”said a senior DRDO official. Two regiments will have 59 tanks each.

With the panoramic vision thermal imaging function, the tank commander will be in control of the situation. It also has a remote control weapon system to deter low-flying objects such as helicopters. It also has a mine plow feature that can dig up to a foot deep. It can fire thermobaric ammunition and penetration and blast ammunition.

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The Arjun entered the Indian Army Services in 2004. So far, the Army has installed 124 Arjun tanks that are deployed along the border with Pakistan in Jaisalmer.

The defense sector is at the forefront when it comes to pressure from India to “speak local.” The ministry recently published a list of 101 defense articles, the import of which is prohibited.

Prime Minister Modi’s message to Pakistan and China comes at a significant time when the Indian army is facing a clash with the PLA on the Royal Line of Control. On Friday, five Jawans were killed in a Pakistani assault along the Line of Control (LoC).

“Today, the country’s Army is conducting military exercises with other large countries. We are engaged in strategic alliances to fight terrorism, ”said the Prime Minister in Jaisalmer.

Today the whole world is concerned about expansionist forces. Expansionism is, in a way, a mental disorder and reflects 18th century thinking. India is also becoming a strong voice against this thinking, ”Prime Minister Modi said in a veiled speech in China.

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