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No power in the world can stop our brave soldiers from protecting the country’s borders: PM Modi | India News


JAISALMER: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that no power in the world can prevent the brave soldiers of India from protecting the borders of the country, adding that today all Indians are proud of the strength and bravery of their soldiers.
PM Modi addressed the soldiers in Longewala in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan today on the occasion of Diwali.
“I would like to extend my Diwali greetings. I am here to convey all the Indies greetings to you today. I would like to wish all our security forces on the occasion of Diwali. No power in the world can stop our brave soldiers from protecting the borders of our This country is happy and we are celebrating holidays for its existence, “said Prime Minister Modi.
“You can be in the snowy mountains or in the deserts, my Diwali is complete only when I am with all of you. My happiness is doubled when I see the joy on your faces. Today I have brought the greetings of all the Indians among you. brought love and blessings, “he added.
“Whether it be the peaks of the Himalayas, the strip of desert, the dense forests or the depths of the seas, your courage has always triumphed in every challenge. Whenever the story is written and read about the excellence of soldiers, the Battle of Longewala will be remembered, “he added.
“Saluting your courage, 130 million compatriots of India stand with you today. Today all Indians are proud of the strength and bravery of their soldiers. They are proud of their invincibility,” said Prime Minister Modi.
The Prime Minister further stated that the history of the world has always narrated that those nations that had prospered had the ability to fight against their invaders.
“No matter how much international cooperation has progressed, the equations may have changed, but we can never forget that vigilance is the way to safety, conscience is the support of happiness, strength is the belief of victory and efficiency is the prize of peace, “said PM Modi.
“Today the world knows, understands that this country is not going to compromise its interests or at any cost. This status of India, this stature is due to its power. You have secured the country, that is why India today speaks energetically about the world forums, “he added.
The Prime Minister further stated, today the whole world is concerned about expansionist forces.
“Expansionism is, in a way, a mental disorder and reflects 18th century thinking. India is also becoming a strong voice against this thinking. Recently, our forces have decided that they will not send more than 100 weapons and equipment. from abroad, “said the prime minister. Modi.
“I congratulate the forces for this decision. This decision by the army has also inspired compatriots to speak for the locals,” he added.
Today, he called on the country’s youth to build for the country’s military, adding that in recent times, many startups have come forward to serve the needs of the forces.
“Young startups in the defense sector will take the country further in terms of self-sufficiency,” he added.
“India’s strategy today is clear. India today believes in the politics of understanding and explaining, but if we try to do that, the response is just as fierce,” Prime Minister Modi said.

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