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Lotus and peacock motifs to adorn the new Parliament building


The new Indian Parliament building, which is expected to move to in 2022, will come not only with more space and facilities, but also with a distinctly Indian flair, built around symbols associated with the country. There are plans to incorporate the peacock and lotus, India’s national bird and flower, into motifs and murals, and the complex will feature a royal banyan tree (the country’s national tree), officials familiar with the matter said who asked not to be identified. .

The existing circular building, completed in 1927, is most famous for its 144 columns, but it also has some recognizable Indian touches. The use of fountains both inside and outside the building, Indian-style balconies and marble lattice screens.

‘Iconic structure’ planned near Yamuna as part of the Central Vista project

The new building, which will be built right in front of the existing one, will use the grounds in a contemporary way, officials said. “One House will have lotus motifs while the other House will see a peacock-inspired bas-relief. There will be no Central Hall, but there will be a central hall available for parliamentarians to socialize, “said one of the officials.

The construction of a new Parliament building is part of the larger Central Vista development plan that the NDA government has embarked on, which will see the construction of a new secretariat to house government offices and new residences for the Prime Minister and the Vice President. . The current Parliament building is inadequate to allow for any expansion in the size of the houses, an exercise that is expected to start around 2025-26 to make the houses more representative.

Central Vista redevelopment: contractors will need to curb air pollution and noise

The cost of the Central Vista project is expected to be Rs 20 billion, and the Parliament Building is estimated to cost Rs 861 million. The full project is scheduled for completion in 2024, while the new Parliament building is expected to be built in 2022. The new Parliament building will also have around 90 offices to accommodate all ministers. “There will be several dining rooms, including an exclusive dining room for MP and one for VVIP,” said an official. But before the new building goes into operation, the existing Parliament complex will see some key changes. The Gandhi statue in front of the main gate, a favorite place for opposition MPs to protest, will be temporarily moved as it falls right in the middle of the construction site. Similarly, two other statues, those of Motilal Nehru and Devi Lal, will be temporarily relocated to make room for construction, authorities said.

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