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Crocodile with hook caught in mouth is rescued in Uttar Pradesh


A robber crocodile with a hook caught in its mouth was rescued from a village pond in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, and released into the Chambal River after receiving medical treatment.

Authorities said members of Wildlife SOS and staff from the Uttar Pradesh forest department rushed to help the crocodile after receiving a call from the regional forest officer.

The crocodile was rushed to the Wildlife SOS hospital in Agra, where an X-ray revealed that the hook was approximately three centimeters long and was embedded in the crocodile’s jaw.

The deputy director of Wildlife SOS (veterinary services), Ilayaraja, said that the crocodile was suffering and could even have starved. “We had to surgically remove the hook followed by postoperative care and laser therapy.”

Wildlife SOS CEO Kartick Satyanarayan said the rescue was challenging as it was night and they had to use safety nets instead of a trap cage to rescue the large crocodile. “We are very grateful to the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department for helping us coordinate such a perfect rescue.”

Regional Forestry Officer Tulsiram Dohare said: “We are grateful to the Wildlife SOS team for their expert assistance in conducting such sensitive rescue and release missions.”

Mugger crocodiles are commonly found in freshwater and are listed as vulnerable on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List and protected by the Wildlife Protection Act.

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