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The number of active Covid cases in India falls below 4.85 L; new daily recoveries outnumber new cases | India News


NEW DELHI: India’s active Covid-19 cases remained below five lakhs for the third day in a row at 4.84,547, accounting for 5.55 percent of the total number of cases, the Ministry of Health said on Friday. Union Health.
This has been possible thanks to the tendency of Covid-19 recoveries to exceed new cases, which has guaranteed a total net reduction in the load of active cases, he stressed.
In contrast to 44,879 new infections reported in a 24-hour span, 49,079 cases have recovered in the past 24 hours, continuing India’s trend of having high daily recoveries outnumbering new daily cases.
This trend has been observed today on the 41st, highlighted the ministry.
The total of recovered cases has increased to 81.15,580, which translates into a national recovery rate of 92.97%.
“The gap between recovered cases and active cases continues to grow and is currently 76,31,033,” the ministry said.
He said that it is observed that 77.83 percent of the new recovered cases are concentrated in 10 states and territories of the union.
Maharashtra reported the maximum number of recoveries in a single day. A total of 7,809 new recoveries have brought the state’s total recoveries to 5/16,064.
About 76.25 percent of new coronavirus infections are concentrated in 10 states and union territories, the ministry said.
Delhi reported the daily high of new cases totaling 7,053 in the past 24 hours. Kerala recorded 5,537 new cases, while Maharashtra reported 4,496 new cases in a 24-hour span, it said.
Ten states and union territories account for about 80 percent (79.34 percent) of the 547 deaths reported within 24 hours, and 22.3 percent of them were in Maharashtra, which recorded 122 deaths.
Delhi and West Bengal follow with 104 and 54 new deaths, respectively.

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