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President Ram Nath Kovind Addresses Farewell Ceremony for NDC’s 60th Course


Indian President Ram Nath Kovind addressed the farewell ceremony of the 60th course of the National Defense faculty on Friday, where he praised the NDC for completing the course amid the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic without let it affect the results.

“This year has been particularly difficult for all walks of life, as dealing with Covid-19 has become the new normal. I have been informed that NDC was one of the first institutions to rapidly switch from a contact program to an online mode of delivering training. I must congratulate them for the successful completion of the course without impact on its objectives and results, ”said the president.

On Wednesday, the president approved the establishment of the ‘Chair of Excellence’ on national security at the NDC. The ‘Chairs of Excellence’ and other similar positions are awarded to professors to stimulate intellectual and academic caliber in colleges and universities around the world. “A few days ago, I had the pleasure of instituting the ‘President’s Chair of Excellence in Homeland Security’ at the NDC. It was an appropriate gesture to commemorate the diamond jubilee of the great institution. I hope the Chair will enrich the intellectual and academic standards of India’s leading institution of strategic learning, ”added President Kovind.

NDC is dedicated to the intellectual development and strategic training of select senior officers from the Public Administration and Armed Forces of India and other countries.

“The NDC has imparted skills and knowledge to senior officers not only in our Armed Forces and Civil Services, but also in Friendly Foreign Countries, to help them make informed political decisions related to their respective national goals and objectives. The wide range of curricula offered by this course for all participants is clearly designed to impart training and knowledge to aspire to a safer world, ”said the President.

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