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Covid-19: deaths, cases that break world records


The latest wave of Covid-19 infections in the US and Europe has brought the seven-day average of new infection figures to record highs over the past month. Now, the global trajectory of death has also seen a sharp increase: it is still not approaching the peaks seen during the first wave in the US and Europe in individual European countries, but now more countries around the world are affected. (compared to March, April, and May), the total number of deaths has increased.

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For the past week, daily deaths have surpassed the previous peak seen in early April. This means that every day more people die from Covid-19 worldwide than ever in the 11 months since the virus was first reported in Wuhan, eastern China. And even in countries like France, the United Kingdom and Italy, the numbers are increasing considerably.

Covid-19: deaths, cases that break world records

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