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Bihar assembly polls: EC requests CCTV footage, Gopalganj DM report


The Election Commission has ordered Gopalganj District Magistrate Arshad Aziz to make available CCTV footage from the Bhore Assembly Constituency Constituency Counting Center corresponding to the counting day.

The leadership came after serious accusations by CPI-ML that Gopalganj MP Alok Kumar Suman had entered the counting centers on the day of the count. The CPI-ML also submitted a written complaint on 10 November to the office of the Chief Electoral Office (CEO), Bihar.

“JD-U deputy Alok Kumar Suman entered the counting room in violation of clause 16.9 of the candidate manual which specifies who is allowed to enter the room. This violation is also the reason for counting the total votes in the constituency, ”said the CPI-ML representative.

Although Suman refuted the allegations, the EC became aware of the complaint and requested clippings of the CCTV footage from the counting day along with a detailed report from the DM before Thursday.

“Kindly make available a detailed report along with a video clipping, as instructed,” the letter from Additional CEO Balamurugan to DM read. Aziz said that so far he had not submitted the report. “But we will do it soon. Any decision made by the EC will be followed, ”he added.

In a close assembly election between the NDA and the GA, which gave the former a slim majority, accusations have been flying high since the day of the count, with the RJD, Congress and the CPI-ML alleging foul play by have seats where the margin of victory has been very small.

“The mandate favored Mahagathbandhan, but the result of the Electoral Commission was in favor of the NDA. This has not happened for the first time. In 2015, when Mahagathbandhan was formed, the votes were in our favor, but BJP made an entrance through the back door to gain power, ”said Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, adding that the established rules for counting postal ballots before voting machines Electronic voting (EVM) can also be counted and not all postal ballots could be counted.

In the elections for the seat of Bhore, the candidate of JD (U) Sunil Kumar won, defeating the candidate of CPI (ML) Jitendra Paswan. The margin of victory was just 462 votes.

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