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Rajasthan: Gurjar Stirs Canceled Reservation


A major Gurjar organization suspended its 11-day agitation over the jobs and education reservation on Thursday after reaching a consensus with the Rajasthan government, a community leader said.

The protesters had been busy squatting on a railway line in Bharatpur’s Bayana, disrupting traffic on the Delhi-Mumbai railway route, they had also blocked the Hindaun-Bayana highway. to them for their leaders, police said.

Gurjar leader Vijay Bainsla said that the fish plates ripped off by the protesters had been put back in place. A fish plate is a metal bar screwed to the ends of two rails to join them into a track. “We reached an agreement with the state government … The community accepted the agreement. We are clearing the track. Trains will resume soon ”.

The Gurjar Aarakshan Sangarsh Samiti has accepted the government’s proposal to give Rs. 5 lakh compensation and a government job for a family member of those who died in police action in the various upheavals over the years, awarding a regular pay scale to 1,252 candidates who completed a probation of two years in government jobs and withdrawal from police cases. against protesters.

The government also agreed to implement the agreement reached between the two parties in February 2020, in addition to forming a committee for pending recruitment and approving more beds at the girls’ shelter in Jaipur.

Meanwhile, mobile internet services, which were suspended in some parts of the state due to the unrest, were restored after the announcement to stop the unrest.

After a marathon meeting with a ministerial group on Wednesday, the Gurjar delegation, including Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla, met with the chief minister, Ashok Gehlot.

However, the delegation had said Wednesday night that it would make a decision to suspend the agitation at the protest site in Bayana.

“A consensus has been reached on the demands with the state government. We are confident that the government will work on the agreement. However, we will make a decision on suspending the agitation at the protest site, ”Vijay Bainsla had said after the meeting.

On October 31, a delegation from Gurjar Aarakshan Sangharsh Samiti held talks with a cabinet subcommittee in Jaipur, in which a consensus on 14 points had emerged, but was not accepted by Kirori Singh Bainsla and his followers.

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