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Our ideologies must not go against national interests: Prime Minister Modi to JNU students


Sharing his Emergency experience with students at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Thursday that it is not necessary to sacrifice your own ideology to fight for a greater and common cause. “When people joined Mahatma Gandhi, they did not abandon their ideologies. I’ve seen emergency days. There were so many people of various political beliefs: from Congress, from RSS. But we were all united by a common cause of national interest, ”Prime Minister Modi said, unveiling a statue of Swami Vivekananda on the university campus via video conference.

“Putting individual ideologies before the national good is wrong,” said the Prime Minister in his speech where he also gave some advice to JNU students. “Don’t accept the status quo. Swami Vivekananda never accepted the status quo. Don’t forget to laugh. I often see young people as serious as if the burden of the whole world falls on them, “said Prime Minister Modi.

His speech also focused on politics, reforms and reforms introduced by the BJP government. Speaking of reforms and politics, Modi said there was a time when good reforms were considered bad policies. Urging JNU students to debate this, the prime minister asked: “How did good reforms turn into good policies? You at JNU must deliberate on this. “

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi explained the reforms adopted by his government, he said that the new National Education Police is based on the policy of inclusion, which will ensure that students can enter universities like JNU.

“All of our reforms are development oriented. For years, farmers remained a topic of political discussion. But we gave them security and then we started reforms, “said Prime Minister Modi. Criticizing previous governments for dissociating the poor from the system, the Prime Minister said: “Now they have a house, bathroom, electricity, paid internet connection like everyone else.”

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