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‘Only 12,270 votes’: what the new RJD figure says


The Rashtriya Janata Dal, who has been alleging foul play since recount day, cited Election Commission data on Thursday to show the NDA was ahead by only 12,270 votes. Claiming that the machinery of the administration was deployed to make the NDA win, the party said that based on just 12,270 votes, the administration “helped” the NDA win 15 seats. “To believe these numbers, look at the 15 seats that were lost by a small margin,” the RJD tweeted on Thursday.

For the first time after the election results were announced late on November 10, RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav offered his reaction.

“I thank the people of Bihar. The mandate favored Mahagathbandhan, but the result of the Election Commission was in favor of the NDA. This has not happened the first time. In 2015, when Mahagathbandhan was formed, the votes were in our favor, but the BJP came in through the back door to gain power, ”said Tejashwi.

On the day of the vote, several leaders in Congress and the RJD alleged that many Mahagathbandhan candidates did not receive certificates, although the Election Commission told them they had won. Later, they were told that they had lost. Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi were calling on district magistrates not to allow Mahagathbandhan’s count to exceed 110, the party alleged. The Grand Alliance ended at 110, while the NDA alliance achieved 125 seats.

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