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JNU Ex-Student Report Card in Bihar Surveys: CPML, Cong win; BJP loses | India News


JNU Ex-Student Report Card in Bihar Surveys: CPML, Cong win; BJP loses | India News

Sandeep Saurav of CPML

NEW DELHI: JNU is a stronghold of the left. But three former students who objected to the Bihar assembly polls belonged to different shades of the ideological spectrum.
CPML’s Sandeep Saurav won handsomely by more than 30,000 votes from Paliganj. Shakeel Ahmad Khan of Congress easily retained Kadwa. Nikhil Anand of BJP lost by more than 32,000 votes in Maner.
Both Saurav and Khan were notable student leaders. Saurav, 33, became the general secretary of the student union (2013-14) competing on a ticket from AISA, the student wing of CPML. Khan became president of JNUSU in 1992. He was later politically affiliated with SFI, the student body of CPM. Anand, who lost to RJD’s evergreen Bhai Virendra, was a student at the Center for Chinese and Japanese Studies in the 1990s.
Saurav says participating in campus politics helped him in a number of ways. “JNU was a playground for student organizations from across the political spectrum. They trained us to handle questions and attacks from all sectors. College politics also helped us build the confidence to speak out on a variety of topics, ”says Paliganj MLA with more than 15,000 followers on Twitter.
“JNU’s policy is not about getting better facilities for students. It is sensitive to broader issues: peasant issues, women’s empowerment, labor rights, communalism. We learned to ask questions and mobilize the youth, ”says Saurav, who earned a doctorate in Hindi literature.
Anand, 45, says that at JNU, “he learned the importance of ideological commitment and developed a concern for the well-being of the people.”
Saurav expelled Jayvardhan Yadav from JD (U) in Paliganj, a living specimen from India Ignored, located about 40 kms from Patna. “I’ve been to towns that don’t have a single pucca home. My goal would be to improve education and health facilities. Paliganj is located between two rivers, Punpun and Sone, and is woven by a network of channels. They are in a sorry state and need an immediate review, ”he says.
Khan, a former JNUSU president, had triumphed in 2010 by less than 6,000 votes. This time he surpassed Chandrabhushan Thakur (LJP) by more than 32,000 votes. His Twitter bio describes him as “National Secretary, AICC” and in charge of J&K. Kadwa, located in Katihar district, deals with the annual problem of floods and land erosion every year. A news report posted on his Facebook page quoted Khan as saying that more roads and puliya (small bridges) will be built in the area.


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