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Family finds 2 bags of banknotes and jewelry on the roof of the house | India News


MEERUT: A family in Uttar Pradesh found two bags full of bills and jewelry on the roof of their home on Wednesday morning to their complete surprise.
Shortly after making the discovery, Meerut’s family informed the police.
“The total cash counted was around Rs 14 lakh, apart from jewelery. The evaluation of the jewels has not yet been done, ”said Dinesh Baghel, in charge of the Sadar police station.
It was also revealed that a robbery had occurred in the same area at the home of one Pawan Singhal, a businessman, a day ago. Singhal’s neighbor, Varun Sharma, on whose roof the bags were found, said: “The thief may have left it on our roof to take away later.”
According to police sources, the main suspect is Raju Nepali, a domestic worker, who worked in the businessman’s house until two years ago.
Nepali recently returned after his long disappearance. He entered the house when all the family members were out. He was familiar to the house, so the guards did not stop him.
He was captured on CCTV while moving out. Apparently, one of the guards caught him on the spot. The guard, with whom Nepal allegedly shared some of the loot, is in police custody. The thief even shared a portion of his loot with the guard who caught his act. Later, the police recovered the jewels. The guard is now in police custody.
Singhal, however, did not disclose a total count of his valuables. In a police statement, he stated: “I will make a list of all my belongings and then I will file a formal complaint.” Other family sources said it was worth Rs 40 lakh.

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