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78 percent of new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours in 10 states, UT: government


Of the 47,905 new coronavirus infections reported in a 24-hour span on Thursday, 78% are from 10 states and union territories, with Delhi continuing to record the highest single-day cases at 8,593, followed by Kerala and Maharashtra. , according to the Ministry of Health of the Union. .

For the fifth day in a row, new Covid-19 cases reported within 24 hours did not exceed the 50,000 mark, while the trend of new daily recoveries outnumbering new daily infections continued through day 40. recorded up to 52,718 new recoveries in one day, compared to 47,905 infections during the same period.

Ten states and union territories reported 78% of new registered cases within 24 hours. This trend has continued to compress the number of active Covid-19 cases, which is currently 4.98 lakh and comprises only 5.63% of the total coronavirus cases in India.

The recovery rate has also been boosted by the trend of recoveries that exceed new cases and currently stands at 92.89% with 80.66.501 people who have recovered from the disease so far. “The gap between recovered cases and active cases has constantly widened to 75,77,207,” the ministry stressed.

The ministry said 78% of the new recovered cases are concentrated in 10 states and union territories. Maharashtra reported the highest number of single-day recoveries with 9,164 newly recovered cases. At least 7,264 people recovered in Delhi, closely followed by Kerala, which reported 7,252 new recoveries.

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Delhi saw another increase and reported the highest daily new cases, also its highest count so far with 8,593 new cases, followed by Kerala with 7,007 cases and Maharashtra with 4,907 cases, the ministry said.

Up to 550 cases of death have been reported in one day, of which 10 states and union territories represent 80%. Maharashtra accounted for 22.7% participation with 125 deaths. Delhi and West Bengal follow with 85 and 49 new deaths, respectively.

India’s number of Covid-19 cases rose to 86.83,916 with 47,905 infections reported in one day, while the death toll rose to 1.28,121 with 550 new deaths, data updated at 8 a.m. showed.

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