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‘Victory of the people of India’: Arnab Goswami released from Taloja jail after Supreme Court granted provisional bail


Hours after the Supreme Court granted provisional bail, Republic TV editor-in-chief Arnab Goswami was released from Taloja Jail in Mumbai, in the adjoining Raigad district.

At around 8.30pm, Goswami, who was granted provisional bail in the 2018 suicide complicity case, came out of jail and greeted people gathered outside. The journalist thanked the high court for its ruling while showing the victory sign to the crowd outside the Taloja jail.

“This is the victory of the people of India,” Goswami said.

On November 4, Goswami was arrested at his residence in Mumbai Lower Parel by Alibaug police for alleged complicity in the suicide of an interior designer Anvay Naik, 53, and his mother in 2018. The complicity case on suicide was introduced by Naik’s wife in May 2018.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Supreme Court ordered the release of Goswami and two other defendants in the case, allowing the defendants to be released from Taloja jail on a personal bond of 50,000 rupees.

The high court order came in separate statements filed by the three defendants against a Nov. 9 order from a Bombay high court denying them provisional bond in the matter.

“We are of the opinion that the HC made a mistake in rejecting the request for granting a provisional bond,” the Supreme Court said Wednesday when announcing its order.

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