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Rs 6 lakh bounty gangster caught after 4 years of hunting | India News


NEW DELHI: At the end of a four-year manhunt, Delhi’s special police cell arrested the city’s most wanted gangster, Asim, alias Hashim Baba, after a brief shooting early Wednesday morning.
Hashim’s most recent crime was in May when he murdered local journalist and YouTuber Haider by shooting him 24 times. It placed Hashim at the top of the most wanted list with a bounty of 6 lakh rupees, the highest for any criminal in Delhi, which had been declared on his head.
A team led by ACPs Lalit Mohan Negi and Hriday Bhushan had intensified their search for Hashim in the past four months.
From selling shoes and belts in northeast Delhi to becoming a face synonymous with terror, Hashim’s rise in the world of crime was phenomenal, beginning with the gambling syndicates in northeast Delhi in 2007. At the time , the gambling network in the area was run by Meharban. To make his presence felt, Hashim shot Meharban’s close associate, after which there was no turning back.
He eventually formed a gang and established supremacy by attacking his rivals and extorting money from businessmen. He also joined another gangster, Abdul Nasir. Hashim’s first attempt to establish complete dominance was the assassination of the gangster Aqil Mama of Seelampur. This was followed by several murders of businessmen close to Mama’s gang.
Eventually, Hashim took over the reins of Nasir’s gang when the latter was imprisoned. He took gangs to new heights by carrying out organized crimes of extortion and robbery.
In 2019, when Nasir was released from prison and found out that his crime syndicate had been taken over by Hashim, he made peace with his arch rival Irfan Chhenu. This upset Hashim. In May this year, Hashim shot and killed two of Nasir’s associates, Imran and Haider. His next targets were Nasir and a businessman who supported him.
Nasir, meanwhile, was equally desperate to kill Hashim. However, on September 13, ACP Negi and his team captured Nasir after a shooting. The latest breakthrough came on Wednesday with the arrest of Hashim.

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