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‘Man who burned down the master’s house’ | India News


PATNA: Party workers like to tell how the decision of LJP founder Ram Vilas Paswan to join the NDA before the 2014 Lok Sabha elections was influenced by his son Chirag, who had just joined the politics after a failed stint in Bollywood.
The account may suffer a degree of exaggeration, as senior Paswan likely would have done the math before teaming up with a BJP led by Modi. But the story was delayed and when Chirag began charting his own course before the Bihar polls, his decision was seen as a bold move blessed by his father in tweets posted when he was in hospital.
Chirag managed to show that he could cut the NDA vote, but failed to emerge from the pivot he expected. The 6% voting quota has resulted in a single seat. Since neither side needs it, Chirag should expect to stay in NDA to be on the right side of the power equation.
From acting to politics, followed by his expected promotion as LJP chief in 2019, the 37-year-old had a relatively uneventful ride until his life was rocked by the death of his father on October 8, weeks before 10:00 a.m. urns.
When his film career ended after his debut film ‘Mile Naa Mile Hum’, he was able to lean on his father to enter politics. But now Chirag finds himself on the threshold of a long political career with new dangers.
His uncle Pashupati Paras has reportedly been unhappy with LJP’s anti-Nitish Kumar stance, a tension that will escalate if the JD (U) Leader becomes CM again. Although Ram Vilas’ relationship with Nitish had not been cordial since the February 2005 assembly election, it will be a matter of guessing what his final call may have been before the Bihar election.
Chirag has repeatedly said that he was not against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that he would remain loyal and faithful. BJP has not been amused by his antics, although his image as successor to Dalit leader Paswan provides political utility.
Paras, a deputy from the LJP from Hajipur, said: “It was part of a well-crafted strategy to fight on our own in the elections.” However, he admitted that the candidates held seats mostly contested by JD (U). But by trying to unseat Nitish to settle personal scores, the LJP chief also jeopardized the NDA’s prospects in state polls. “In the process, he has virtually set his master’s house on fire,” said a senior BJP official.

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