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Harsh Vardhan Calls on 7 States to Focus on Effective Covid-19 Case Management to Reduce Deaths


Union Minister Harsh Vardhan advised seven states, including Maharashtra and Uttarakhand, on Wednesday to focus on improved testing, especially in districts with the highest Covid-19 positivity and large gathering venues such as markets and venues. job.

Vardhan, who interacted with Chief Ministers, State Health Ministers, Senior Secretaries, and Additional Senior Secretaries from Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura Meghalaya, and Goa via video conferencing and urged them to focus on effective clinical case management of Covid-19 to reduce deaths in the first 24, 48 or 72 hours.

Highlighting specific state areas of concern that would require focused attention, he noted that although active cases have declined in Maharashtra, it continues to have a large burden of active Covid-19 cases with a high death rate of 2.6 percent, increasing to 3.5 percent in and around Mumbai, the Union Health Ministry said in a statement.

The fatality rate in Uttarakhand is higher than the national average (1.64%).

Also, active cases are increasing in recent days in Manipur. Higher positivity in the state indicates a hidden transmission, Vardhan said.

Forty percent of all deaths occurred in the past month in Goa, which is cause for concern, he stressed.

With 70 percent of cases concentrated in Aizawl, Mizoram is seeing a further increase in active cases; Tripura and Meghalaya are witnessing a higher number of deaths in the active age groups of 45 to 60 years, which are preventable, stressed the Union Minister of Health.

Vardhan appreciated the tireless services of several Covid warriors and frontline workers who have handled the situation on the ground with determination and determination without showing any signs of fatigue. He further stated that, to date, there were only 4.09 percent of active cases with oxygen support, 2.73 percent of active cases in the ICU and 0.45 percent of one minute with ventilator support the ministry said in the statement.

However, he stressed the need to be vigilant in the coming winter and the long festive season, which could threaten the gains made against Covid-19.

To stop the chain of transmission, he stressed the importance of the ‘Jan Andolan’ initiated by the prime minister.

Delving into the measures taken by the government to promote ‘Jan Andolan’ to the masses, he added that “appropriate Covid behavior is the most potent social vaccine.

Vardhan recommended that states focus on higher tests, especially in districts with higher positivity, mandatory testing of symptomatic negatives by rapid antigen testing, focus on high-risk groups and vulnerable populations for SARI / ILI surveillance, which can give a indication of infection, monitoring and follow-up of people in home isolation, especially the vulnerable group.

He also highlighted the importance of widespread IEC campaigns so that people in home isolation can reach hospitals in time for effective clinical management, and the efforts that must be made to reduce deaths in the first 24, 48 or 72 hours. , which was high in many states and districts, the statement said.

Vardhan also pointed towards the need for higher tests in areas like markets, workplaces, meeting places.

The state’s top ministers and health ministers shared a brief snapshot of the actions taken for the containment, surveillance, and treatment of Covid-19 cases along with best practices from their states. Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat stated that they have mounted a comprehensive multimedia IEC campaign to encourage appropriate Covid behavior.

Challans have been awarded 1.4 lakhs for failing to social distancing, and 4.5 lakhs for masked negligence. In the latter case, offenders were given four masks each to promote mask-wearing behavior. Maharashtra Health Minister Rajesh Tope reported on the ‘My family, my responsibility’ campaign in the state where house-to-house surveys and monitoring of cases of home isolation and SARI / ILI patients were conducted. Of the 5.7 lakh surveyed, 51,000 positive cases of Covid-19 were identified.

Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan advised states to focus on three areas including the need to suppress and break the chain of transmission; keep mortality below 1 percent and the need for prolonged behavior change.

To ensure this, he recommended rapid and aggressive testing, targeted testing in markets, workplaces, religious congregations that have the potential to become wide-spread events, followed by rapid follow-up; all close contacts must be traced within the first 72 hours; at least 10 people for every positive person.

He also recommended increasing the proportion of RT-PCR tests against RAT and mandatory testing of symptomatic negatives of RAT tests using RT-PCR. To ensure the second point, he recommended rapid hospitalization, ensuring adequate infrastructure in hospitals, focused on preventable deaths in the first 24, 48 or 72 hours; focus on vulnerable population groups; and reviewing death figures throughout the hospital, according to the statement.

To ensure compliance with appropriate Covid behavior, he recommended robust campaigns involving parliamentarians, community members, and local influencers.

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