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Conrad Sangma’s government rejects congressional vote of no confidence in Meghalaya


The motion of no confidence filed by the opposition Congress against the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government, led by Conrad K. Sangma, was defeated by voice vote on Wednesday amid an uproar.

In making the announcement to conclude the proceedings for the day, Meghalaya Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh said: “The Nos have it and the vote of no confidence was lost.”

The motion was put to a vote after opposition leader Dr. Mukul Sangma announced that the opposition had taken a collective decision not to withdraw the motion of no confidence because the government appears unwilling to clarify the various allegations.

All 40 ruling MLAs voted against the motion of no confidence, except for the sole Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) legislator, Adelbert Nongrum, who decided not to support the government or the opposition.

During the debate on the motion of no confidence, the opposition Congress launched a scathing attack on the MDA government for its alleged failure to protect state interests with specific reference to illegal mining and coal transportation, corruption in the department of energy, law. and order, among others.

“In short, the government has not protected the interests of the state. How much time do we want to give this government that is robbing the state? ”Dr. Sangma asked.

In response, Prime Minister Conrad K Sangma said the opposition should be magnanimous enough to accept that development is taking place and to realize the need to support the current state government in its efforts.

“If we have failed, as the opposition alleges, how come there is no kidnapping of civilians, from 210 cases during their time to zero today? How did we manage to lift the ban on coal mining, which they were unable to do during their time? How come Covid numbers are the lowest in our state today? How do these 40 MLAs support us today? Why did the 2020 Public Index rank us the second best government (governed) state in the country today? Conrad asked.

Regarding the alleged illegal extraction and transportation of coal, the CM categorically maintained that there is no illegal movement of coal and that all transportation is carried out legally with the corresponding documents. “In fact, the revenue that is coming in has been multiple (from seized coal),” he said.

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