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No qualms about mounting criticism, but BJP should use words wisely: Chirag Paswan Bihar Assembly Elections 2020 Election News


PATNA: Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) Chairman Chirag Paswan said on Sunday that he welcomed any attack on him by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi if it meets the chief minister’s agenda. from Bihar, Nitish Kumar, but advised leaders to “use words wisely.”
His comments came a day after BJP leader and Union Minister of the Interior Amit Shah commented on his comment on “Modi’s Hanuman”, saying that “the LJP president must have no illusions.”
“He (Nitish Kumar) has wasted most of the time to show how LJP and BJP are divided. The Chief Minister is deploying all the great leaders of the BJP to speak against me. I just want to say that they are free to speak against me. Against. I would even say that if the prime minister wants to say something against me just to satisfy the prime minister, he can, “Chirag told ANI here.
Chirag also said Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar should thank the BJP for religiously following the coalition.
“Nitish Kumar Ji should thank the BJP colleagues who despite all the resentment against the Chief Minister, are playing the coalition religiously and every day they give Nitish Kumar Ji certificates that they are not with Chirag,” he tweeted.
Chirag again thanked Prime Minister Modi for supporting him during his difficult phase and inspired him to put out the vision document ‘Bihar first Bihari first’.
“The Prime Minister is in my heart. The Prime Minister Modi was with me when I was alone outside my father’s ICU. He gave my father a great honor. Should I forget all that? He has loved like a father, this is my belief as well as religion, “said Chirag Paswan.
“I have brought the vision document ‘Bihar first Bihari first’ after being inspired by PM Modi. He is my inspiration,” he added.
Criticizing the Chief Minister of Bihar, Chirag said: “I think Bihar CM stopped devising policies and became saturated. It is anti-youth and rejects young leaders, calling them inexperienced, but he himself started as a young activist during the CP movement. We are also aware of and can think for Bihar. The state has already given it 15 years. ”
In the next Assembly elections, the (LJP) will not contest seats where BJP will contest, however, it will fight against Janata Dal (United).
Bihar, with 243 seats in the Assembly, will go to the polls in three phases: October 28, November 3 and November 7. Results are scheduled to be released on November 10.

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